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As we mentioned, as with any bail bonds company, Crossroads Bail Bonds has agreements that must be followed on both your part and ours. Check out the responsibilities held by you as the customer and we as the bail agent below - contact us if you have any questions.

Consumer bail agreement

The consumer agrees to:

1. Pay the premium for the bond at the established rates.

2. Provide required collateral.

3. Pay actual, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by the bail agent in connection with the transaction.

These may include: court costs, reimbursement for long distance phone calls, excess travel expenses, posting fees, bounty agent/skip tracer expenses, payment of the bond amount for the defendant's failure to appear, & attorney fees

4. Keep the bail agent advised of address/employment changes of the defendant or other parties to the agreement.

5. Aid the bail agent/skip tracers in locating the defendant (where someone other than the defendant has secured the bond).

The consumer should read all agreements thoroughly, asking questions until all items and obligations are understood.

Bail Agent Responsibility Requirements:

1. Provide receipts and copies of all signed documents

2. Provide all information regarding the status of the bond and changes in assigned court dates.

3. Provide the status of any costs due, as imposed by the court.

4. Locate the defendant if they fail to appear in court

5. Appear before court regarding the bail bond when necessary

6. Timely return collateral upon exoneration of the bond

Bail agent responsibility requirements

Simple agreements

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