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When you need bail bonds, with Crossroads Bail Bonds, you have options. You can get surety bonds, cash bonds, and property bonds through us. You can talk with us or your lawyer to decide which option may be best for your particular situation.

Bond Types

Pre-trial Information

There are some options for exiting jail that do not require the assistance of a bail bonds company! The most common of these is a citation release, during which the defendant agrees to show up in court - this is typically for minor offenses. Through a pre-trial release program, you can also have an interview with a staff member that will determine if you will appear in court - no financial incentives are involved.

During any legal situation, both you as the consumer and we as the bail agent have responsibilities to uphold. Your primary responsibilities are to pay the bond premium, provide collateral, and keep us informed of any employment or address changes during your pre-trial time.


Our primary responsibilities are to provide you with bond information, locate court cost statuses, and return your collateral upon the bond's exoneration. Contact us with any questions!

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